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4 Ways to Style Short Natural Hair

4 Ways to Style Short Natural Hair

4 Ways to Style Short Natural Hair

Are you looking for ways to style your short natural hair? Maybe you’re going through an awkward phase in your journey? You know the TWA (teeny weeny afro) phase. Many naturals find life after big chopping difficult.  Waking up every day to see how much your hair has grown. You become impatient waiting for your hair to grow and find it hard to style your hair.

Sis, personally I loved my awkward stage when my hair was short. It was so easy to wash, detangle and twist. I really enjoyed that phase. I think there are endless ways to style your hair while it’s short. You just have to get creative. Now that my hair is longer wash day takes forever and a day to get done. I’m a lazy natural, so, I mainly keep my hair in low manipulation styles or protective styles (wigs). Natural hair is a lot of work but I love to see how healthy my hair is. My hair is living its best life right now.

I also want to say enjoy your awkward phase and enjoy your natural hair journey. Don’t get so caught up with wanting long hair that you miss the point of returning natural. A huge part of this whole natural hair movement for black women is learning to love your hair in its natural state. So if it means your hair is 2-4 inches short learn to love it as is.

Today I’m sharing with you 4 different ways to style your short hair courtesy of “Kris Does Kurls” on Instagram. She styled her in Bantu Knots and took one style and turned it into 4 different styles.

Be sure to follow @KrisDoesKurls on IG for more short hairstyles.

4 Ways to Style Short Natural Hair
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