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4C Hair Wash N Go Using One Product

4C Hair Wash N Go Using One Product

Naturals hope you are enjoying your holidays with your loved ones.  We’re looking forward to entering this new decade and we hope you are too. Since it is the holidays we thought we’d keep it short and sweet and bless you all with this Wash N Go tutorial using one product. In fact, this video led me to give this brand a second chance. I swore I would never use these products again after all the flaking their product did to my hair.

If you don’t know what product I’m referring to it’s “Eco Styler.” I tried the “Olive Oil, Eco Styler” a few years ago and boy was I disappointed y’all. It made my hair flake so much and I was highly upset.  I actually know Qourtknee personally and she swears by the red top Eco Styler (Argan Oil). After she dropped this video (featured today) back in September, I was like OKAY! I’m sold let me give this brand one more shot. So I did y’all and NO FLAKING.

I used this product specifically for my sleek back ponytail or bun and it works wonder. It helps my hair to lay down flat and keep every strand in place. I normally do a touch up every few days and keep it moving. I don’t use the product often just when I do a bun or ponytail. If you’ve been following our blog for a while you know I’m not a fan of Wash N Go’s but one day I’ll give it a try. The thought of detangling my hair from a week’s long Wash N Go gives me hives LOL. The way my hair is setup my strands love each other and are easy to get tangled.

Qoutknee has 4c hair and she used one the Argan Oil Eco Styler to achieve this bomb Wash N Go.

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Drop your comments below about your experience with Eco Styler.

4C Hair Wash N Go Using One Product
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