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7 Must Have Tools For Wash Day

7 Must Have Tools For Wash Day

7 Must Have Tools For Wash Day

Are you ready to care for your natural hair like a pro? Today we’re sharing with you 7 tools you need on wash day. Don’t worry Sis, you don’t need all of these tools. These are just recommendations for you if you’re still figuring out this natural hair wash day routine! We’re breaking down the use of all 7 tools and why you should at least incorporate 4 of the 7 tools into your wash day routine.

Ready. Okay, let’s go!

7 Must Have Tools For Wash Day

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So today, I’m sharing with you 4 different options for detangling. For me personally, I have type 4 hair my curl pattern is 4B/C, density (medium = semi-thick hair,  high porosity). I prefer to finger detangle my hair first then use the wide-tooth comb. I’ve tried the Denman brush and tangle teaser and neither works for me. It was very hard to brush through my hair and I felt like it was pulling out my hair. Depending on YOUR hair the tangle teaser or Denman brush may work best for you. You have to determine what works for your hair.


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This brush has 9-rows nylon bristle cushion brush: Anti-static rubber pad that provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping hair. Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair. Ideal for thicker hair. This brush is great for detangling your hair.

This brush also comes with an edge control brush. If you’re looking to lay those edges after styling your hair on wash day this is perfect to lay them.


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  • Great for Wet or Dry Hair
  • Great for applying conditioner to hair
  • Gentle on hair and scalp
  • Wide Teeth for Less Tug & Pull


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  • PALM FRIENDLY: This brush features a curved body to fit comfortably within the contours of any hand
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: For wet or dry hair that is long, short, thin, thick, curly, straight, or natural
  • NO MORE TANGLES: Innovated hairbrush that will effortlessly detangle the most stubborn of knots
  • GENTLE BRISTLE DESIGN: Enjoy painless brushing thanks to flexible bristles cut at various lengths



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  • It is long teeth detangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, glossy hair



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Sis let me be the first to tell you. You are not natural if you don’t have a spray bottle. I ABSOLUTELY love this spray bottle. I have one myself in pink. What I love about this bottle even after you hit the pump one time it continues to spray water on your hair. This bottle is great for wetting your hair on wash day to detangle or refreshing your coils, kinks, or curls.


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First of all, I love this heating cap. I paid $49.99 for it at Sally’s 5 years ago and it was the best investment I ever made (on a product). I’m still using my heating cap to this day and it works fine. It’s durable and really helps with deep conditioning.  Amazon is selling the same cap for $26.96 which is a steal! It’s really an investment and will last you a long time. It’s very important to apply heat to your hair while deep conditioning your hair.

Applying heat helps to open up the cuticle and allows the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair strands. Otherwise, the thick product will just sit on top of the hair and is unable to penetrate your hair strands. Some naturals like to apply the deep conditioner and sleep with it overnight or keep it on for the whole day. I believe the most effective way for your deep conditioner to work is to apply heat to it. Especially if you have low or high porosity hair, your strands depend on heat to open up the cuticle.


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I love this shampoo brush, this is another one of my favorites. This is not just a shampoo brush but you can also use it as a scalp massager when oiling your scalp (FYI scalp massages helps promote hair growth). Instead of using your sharp/long nails to scrub your scalp on wash day (risking your nails to snag on your hair strands, protect those strands at ALL cost). This brush comes in handy. It’s very soothing and gets the job done.

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  • Shampoo brush with perfect grip handles to fit your hand comfortably.
  • Scalp massager with soft thick silicone bristles deeply clean and exfoliate the scalp
  • Stimulate blood flow to the scalp and oil glands. Relax the scalp muscles and reduce stress
  • No need to worry about your long nails or sensitive scalp.
  • Perfect for all hairstyles from thick to thin, short or long.


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If you don’t have sectioning clips please get some your hair will thank you later. These clips are a lifesaver and strand saver. The first year of my natural hair journey was hell for me. I was still trying to figure things out. One of those things was detangling. I experienced so much breakage the first year of my natural hair journey. It was frustrating and I was ready to give up. Then I started doing my research and read that detangling in sections helps to limit the amount of breakage experience on wash day.

Yes, I know it may take longer and most of us are lazy when it comes to this natural hair thing. But Sis if you want to see growth and progress you are going to have to sacrifice some time to care for your hair. These clips are perfect for sectioning your hair when styling and washing.


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If you’re team shower cap then this is for you. If you’re team plastic bag then carry on Sis (lol)


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Yes, a rat tail comb this is for styling purposes after you finished washing your hair. You will need the tail of the comb to help part your hair. I’ve had the same rat tail comb for two years. The metal part of the tail really helps to part your hair straight.

Did you find this article helpful or do you already own some of these tools? Let’s chat in the comments below.

7 Must Have Tools For Wash Day
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