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Are You Buying The Right Hair Products for Your Hair Porosity?

Are You Buying The Right Hair Products for Your Hair Porosity?

Are you still struggling to keep your hair moisturized? You keep buying products and they’re not working? You’ve had enough so you’re thinking about throwing the towels? DON’T, you might be buying all the wrong products.

Do you know what your hair porosity is? If you don’t, then this may be the reason why all the products you buy are not working for your hair. You’re buying the wrong products, Sis.

If you don’t know what hair porosity is let us help you. Porosity refers to how well your hair can absorb and hold moisture. Porosity is usually determined by your genetics but some external factors can alter your hair porosity such as heat and chemical processing. We believe knowing your hair porosity can be a major game-changer for you in your natural hair journey. As I mentioned before it can help you choose the right products to keep your hair well-moisturized and healthy.

Plus the key to growth and retaining length is keeping your hair moisturized at all times amongst some other factors. But that’s not what we’re here for today. We’re talking about choosing the right products for your hair porosity. If you don’t know your porosity, checkout, “3 Ways to Test Your Hair Porosity.” Everything you need to know about hair porosity is in this article. 

Now onto the fun stuff, here are some characteristics of people with low or high porosity hair.


  • Hair takes a long time to get wet and take a long time to dry (water beads on your hair)
  • Products sit on the hair and tend to build up rather than absorb.
  • Natural oils don’t readily penetrate, but rather sit on your hair.
  • Thick products make your hair feel greasy
  • Does not take hair color (dye) easily

If you are someone with low Porosity you want to stay away from heavy oils like Castor Oil, heavy butter, or creams. Why? Because heavier products lead to more buildup. The product will sit on your hair because your cuticles are closed. It will cause your hair to be greasy because of the thick consistency it’s harder for your strands to absorb those products.

You need to buy lightweight products like hair milk, leave-in conditioners, puddings and lotions like consistency.  Use lighter oils like grapeseed oil, Almond oil, avocado oil, Jojoba oil, and argan oil. Lucky for you our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil is a lightweight oil.


See Also
  • Hair easily absorbs water, however, it requires more products.
  • Hair often looks and feel dry
  • Tangles very easily
  • Often frizzy
  • Dries quickly
  • Hair lotion and milk don’t cut it

Now if you are someone with high porosity hair you’re the total opposite. You need heavier products like butter and creams. You will also need to incorporate other methods to ensure you’re locking in the moisture. People with high porosity hair easily absorb moisture but fail to retain the moisture. 

So you need to either buy products formulated specifically for high porosity hair where the product is formulated to combat moisture loss (like our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding perfect for high porosity hair). Or you have to layer your products using the L.O.C method [Leave in conditioner or water (liquid), Oil and Cream] or L.C.O Method [Liquid, Cream, and Oil)  – Because your hair can lose moisture easily, it’s important to use leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, and sealers. Layering these products will help your hair hold on to the moisture you’re giving it.

As someone with high porosity hair, I struggled for years for a product that could keep my hair moisturized for more than 2 days. I got tired of having to layer my products. I hated having to use 3 different products in my hair to keep it moisturized for a week. So I formulated our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding which was created for both high and low porosity hair. The first on the market to cater to both porosity. 

If you’re struggling with moisture retention, hair is always dry or brittle, or looking for a lightweight styler/moisturizer. Then try our Ultra Moisturizing Styling pudding, we guarantee you won’t regret it! Shop here 

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