Annabelle R

I'm 27, from the UK and I'm in love with all things natural hair. I decided to go back to natural in 2012 after a longgggg love/ hate relationship with my hair and even after years of experimenting with my extremely thick 3C/4A hair I'm still learning more about it every single day.

Gabriella Maye

I’m Gabriella! I’m 26 years old and I currently live in a small town called Winchester in VA. I am a graduate of VCU with a B.S. in Psychology and I am currently working on getting into grad school in hopes of becoming a physician assistant. I am a natural hair enthusiast and I’ve been on my own personal hair journey for 6 months. My purpose of joining Kinky Hair Rocks is to be a source of information and motivation to others that are going natural!

Kanisha J

Hey Y'all! I’m Kanisha J, a 24-year-old graduate student trying to figure out this thing called life. My life is full of “plot twists” and one of my most recent has been my natural hair journey. Going natural was never my plan. But here I am. Upon going natural I felt like all the videos I watched or pictures I saw were of girls with “good hair” that never had a bad hair day. I will be sharing my journey with Froiesha, my type 4 fro, to help other women realize that it is possible to love every step of your natural hair journey.


Dear Pretty Black girl, You are dripping with melanin and a force to be reckoned with. You are made of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and gold. You’ve been crowned with kinks as loose as 3A to as tight as 4C. No matter what type of strands you were crowned with, pretty girl, embrace them unapologetically. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. -Welcome home, pretty girl!

Louise Boury

Hello everyone, My name is Louise. I am the one who would like to share hair tips, hair tutorials, and some other hair information. I am currently working at With the help of my head leader, I could share lots of hair methods such as how to make easy hairstyles. If my tips can help you even a bit, it would be my best pleasure.

Nicki Edwards

My name is Nicki and I am the founder of I started KHR to encourage women with type 4 hair to love and embrace their kinks, coils, and curls. By sharing best practices and tips to grow healthy long hair. A little about myself, I am natural with high porosity, medium density hair. My hair pattern is 4B/C. I share my personal hair journey on here as well be sure to subscribe for more of my hair journey!