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Caring for Low Porosity Hair

Caring for Low Porosity Hair

Are you currently struggling to care for your low porosity hair? Maybe you don’t know what hair porosity is. Before going any further read 3 Ways to Check Your Hair Porosity. If you already know what your hair porosity is keep going. 

Here at KHR we strongly believe it is important to know your hair porosity. It will make your natural hair journey so much easier. Knowing whether your hair porosity is low, medium, or high helps to select products and different hair techniques to use to give your hair the best chances to thrive.

With all this being said, let’s get into how to care for your low porosity hair!

Apply heat when deep conditioning to open up the hair shaft—-When deep conditioning your hair be sure to use some form of heat. Use a heating cap or hooded dryer. If you don’t have either or I’ve heard some people take a hot shower after deep conditioning with their plastic cap covering their hair. Supposedly the steam from the shower works the same way to help open your hair cuticle. I just prefer to invest in a heating cap in the long run. You can also heat your deep conditioner before applying it. Please don’t leave in it for long guys you don’t want to burn it.

Use warm or hot water when washing your hair. — If you have low porosity hair you can benefit from washing your hair with warm water because it allows the dirt and product buildup from your scalp to be rinsed away. Warm water helps to open up the pores and cuticle of your hair shaft. Disclaimer: Just be mindful that over-washing your hair with hot water can leave your hair overly porous, causing it to be dry and brittle. Yes, you heard right hot water strips your hair of its natural oils. Hot water can also cause frizz. If your hair is prone to frizz you might want to turn off the hot water.

Lighter products work best for low porosity hair, like hair milk and lotions. Creams and butter will cause your hair to be greasy because of the thick consistency it’s harder for your strands to absorb those products. Use lighter oils (our exotic cocktail oil is the perfect lightweight oil for you)

Apply products on damp hair vs soaking wet hair.

Go easy on protein. Low porosity hair tends to be protein sensitive and I’d advise you to use any products with protein ingredients at your discretion.

Products with humectants – They attract and hold moisture. When you are buying products look for ingredients that contain a humectant, Honey, glycerin, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, sorbitol just to name a few.


Do you have low porosity hair and have you tried any of these tips? Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on “How to Care for High Porosity Hair?”

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