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Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair

Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair

Curly Girl Product Review

Okay, Naturals we’re super excited to share this Curly Girl Product Review with you today. You know here at KHR we like to put you onto the good stuff for type 4 hair. Meet Courtney our Brand Ambassador. Courtney has Type 4 hair  (4B/C) low porosity and recently tried out a couple of products from Breahni’s “Curl Collection for Waves, Curls, Kinks and Coils.”

Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair
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If you know anything about naturals with type 4 hair, we love a defined twist out or braid out. We love to define our kinks, coils, and curls. Especially for us naturals with 4B/C whose coils tend to be tighter. Before you check out this tutorial, here is what you need to know about these products. The curling cream and oil are very light-weight and perfect for those with low porosity hair. You can achieve a bomb twist out with just the curl defining cream and use the oil as a sealant or to take down the twist to avoid frizz.

For my high porosity sisters like myself. They also have A light styling gel not used in this video you can achieve a bomb twist out using the LCO Method [Liquid (water) curl defining cream and the oil or LCGO Liquid, curling defining cream, light styling Gel, and oil to seal]. It’s all up to you on how you like to layer your products. Courtney did not use the gel in this video because normally for Low porosity naturals they only need one product to achieve a style.  The curl defining cream is not oily and has a good consistency. A little also goes a long way because of the quality of the product. Courtney also documents what her hair looks like after day1, 2 and 3 and her coils were still defined and moisturized in Florida’s humidity. Are you ready to check out this video naturals? Ok, let’s go!




Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair

Easily revive and define curls while hydrating hair and smoothing away frizz. Provides controlled definition, bounce, and soft hold to create well-defined, natural-looking curls that last. Helps retain moisture, build body, and improve manageability.


Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair

Breahni Healthy Hair Oil is a nourishing, lightweight blend that is designed to promote hair growth, maintain strength, and prevent breakage. This revitalizing oil enhances shine, smoothes frizz, and locks in moisture.



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Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair

Breahni Light Styling Gel is a unique moisturizing and curl defining gel that tames frizz, smoothes edges and has an amazing slip. This no-flake styling gel delivers a manageable hold that is gentle enough for daily use and is ideal for all curl textures.

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Curly Girl Product Review

This blog post was sponsored by Breahni

Naturals if you have any questions about the products drop your comments/questions below!

Curly Girl Product Review for Type 4 Hair
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