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The 4 Products You need to Simplify Your Natural Hair Routine

The 4 Products You need to Simplify Your Natural Hair Routine

One time for the natural hair girls! Are you still struggling to take care of your mane, sis? We decided to make things a little easier for you on your natural hair journey. We believe healthy hair starts with a good hair care regimen and everything else will follow. You know like the length, definition, and everything else you’re craving.

Today we have simplified things for you and you can thank us later. Let’s start with what products you’re going to need for your hair regimen. Would you believe it if I told you, you only need 4-5 products? Well, Sis, we hate to break it to you but that’s all you need and the rest is optional if you desire to get fancy. 

Your natural hair journey just got easier and if you’re consistent with these 4-to-5 products we promise it’s only up from hair for your mane. Sit back and watch your hair flourish. 

The first thing we need to mention, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in the products you buy. Next, it’s important to buy products to care for your hair based on your hair needs. For example, if your hair is dry or damaged don’t go and buy a product line that focuses on luster, sheen and volume. You look for a product on the market that was formulated to restore dry or damaged hair etc. and use it consistently. Before you say a product doesn’t work for your hair, it is recommended that you try a product consistently 4 weeks before saying it’s not working.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. 4-to-5 products you need for a healthy hair regimen, drum roll, please…..


A moisturizing natural shampoo that uses naturally derived ingredients, and no harsh chemicals. It will not strip your hair of its natural oils and ultimately provide nourishment with its natural ingredients. You need a good shampoo to cleanse your scalp. Always remember healthy hair starts with a clean scalp!


Deep conditioners have many benefits such as moisture retention, improved elasticity, damage prevention, preventing split ends and breakage and increased shine and luster of the hair. This is an important step you do NOT want to miss. A deep conditioner is thicker in substance and contains ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft. The purpose of a deep conditioner is to TEMPORARILY repair and nourish the hair cuticles with higher viscosity. Because the deep conditioner is thicker it needs to be left on the hair longer to penetrate the hair shaft. When you use heat with your deep conditioners it allows for the conditioner to penetrate the hair easier. Deep conditioners are like a temporary fix. It’s something you should do regularly.


Provide extra moisture to the hair and helps the overall health of your hair. If you have dry hair or your hair struggles to retain moisture a good leave-in conditioner will do you good. Please note dry hair can eventually lead to damage, breakage, and frizz. When looking for a leave-in conditioner, you want a water-based leave-in. Water-based leave-in conditioners are formulated to keep your hair conditioned and moisturized. They often contain humectants and draw moisture to the hair which keeps the hair moisturized longer.


This is your moisturizer and also very important. It’s important to know dry hair breaks so you have to ensure your hair is moisturized at all times. Can I also tell you a secret? The key to healthy hair, length retention and hair growth is keeping your hair moisturized. You don’t have to do much to your hair for it to grow once you have found a holy grail moisturizer. You know what else? We actually want to help you out with this one, our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding is a ONE and DONE product. We formulated this baby with everything you need to keep your hair moisturized. It’s a moisturizer and styler combined in one. 

  • It’s light-weight
  • Low and High porosity friendly
  • For dry, coarse and damaged hair
  • Promotes hair growth and length retention
  • Kiss your frizzy strands goodbye
  • It naturally softens coarse and thick hair and makes it manageable for styling
  • Did we mention it also helps to train your hair strands? (meaning when you consistently use this moisturizer overtime you will begin to see your coil/curl pattern) leading to define hair your hair.
  • Oh and we can’t forget about the volume and sheen it gives


Hair oil is optional if you’re not into oils. We know some of you are not into oils and that’s fine. To each its own. Your hair can still thrive by not applying oils to your hair but be sure to get a moisturizer that includes natural oils in the ingredients because some oils have great benefits. If you’re someone who loves oils check out our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil, it’s our favorite, and yes, we’re a little biased but here is why…

  • To help moisturize & nourish hair strands
  • Seal moisture and penetrate the hair shaft
  • Reduce hair fall and frizz
  • Promote hair thickness
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Boost shine and hair elasticity
  • Prevent dandruff and dry itchy scalp

We hope you found this article helpful. If you read this entire blog post you’re well on your way and you my friend are ready to step your natural hair care game up. Just know you don’t have to do much to your hair for it to flourish. A simple and consistent hair care regimen with the aforementioned 4-5 products and you’re good to go.

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