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How to Achieve The Perfect Twist Out!

How to Achieve The Perfect Twist Out!

how to achieve the perfect twist out


Have you ever scrolled through social media and wondered how some of your favorite curly girls accomplished the perfect twist out? We’re talking nicely moisturized, juicy twists that come out defined and last for days? Listen, girl, I was in your shoes too.

I kept thinking to myself, “dang, I want a twist-out like that!” Well, guess what, after two episodes of testing out this style (and failing) I’ve finally mastered the technique to accomplishing the perfect twist out.


How to create a bomb twist out


First off, I just want to clarify that twist out are for ANY hair type. 4c, 4b, 4a  3c, 3b, 3a…any hair type sis. You can handle this style like a boss with the right products and the right technique. Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

  1. Grab yourself a thick, creamy hair product, some oil, and a lightweight to moderate hold styling gel. DISCLAIMER: if you have a finer hair texture with looser curls you can get away with using a leave-in conditioner and gel. But for my girls with thicker hair like mine: a cream-based product is what you’ll want to use. I use Mielle Organics Moisturizing Avocado Hair milk Naturelle Biotera Alcohol-free Defining Gel. You can also use a twisting butter specifically for twist-outs. All can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply.
  2. You may work with dry or wet hair, whatever your preference may be because the hair must be damp to style anyway. However, I usually style mine directly after showering and I like to work with clean hair with no product in it.
  3. Section your hair into four parted sections: part down the middle first for two large sections and then part each section to separate in half. This makes working with the hair much easier.
  4. Working one section at a time, take small pieces about an inch thick and apply cream-based products followed by some oil and finally some styling gel. Make sure your hair is well-detangled. I pull my Denman brush through as I layer each product to make sure the hair is covered with the product and smooth for twisting.
  5. Grab two pieces of hair and start twisting! Repeat for each section of hair until all hair is twisted



Whip your bonnet out and sleep in those twists sis! Your twists must be 100% completely dry before taking them out. I can’t emphasize this enough. Your style will come out frizzy and ruined if you do not wait for your hair to dry completely. I actually suggest leaving them in for at least a day or so. That way, the style also serves as a protective style but then your hair will surely be dry after 24-48 hours. I actually left mine in for 5 whole days before I took them out recently! I was lazy all week and didn’t have time to worry about this hair on my head…life will do that to you. However, if you choose to leave them in for a few days you must refresh the style to reduce frizz and keep your hair moisturized.

I found that I had to re-twist some of mine as the days went by. Although a little frizzier than I would have preferred, my style still came out very nice. I know that when I first went natural I had no idea how to style my hair. Literally no clue. I spent hours in front of the mirror practicing and committing to learning my hair. Practice makes perfect, I definitely had to go through some trial-and-error before I accomplished the look that I wanted but HUN that is the beauty of natural hair! We have the ability to do so much with our hair and wear it all kinds of ways. The diversity makes having naturally curly, kinky hair so freaking beautiful. Don’t be afraid to fail…if it doesn’t work out you can always pull your hair up into a cute bun. We bounce back!

how to achieve the perfect twist out


Happy Styling!







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  • I have a question more so than a reply. I have very very tight curls and I have done all I know to do and advance from other and it seems my curls are still super tight. Don’t get me wrong I love hair but I don’t like short hair and because of the shrinkage it looks short. Is it anyway naturally that I can do to get less shrinkage and have more relaxed curls I would appreciate the tips

    • Hi Ynette

      Shrinkage means healthy hair. As much as we all hate shrinkage there are ways to getting around. You can try stretching your hair without using heat prior to doing a braid out or twist out. You can use the “banding method,” banding natural hair is an alternative way to straighten the hair without using heat. Banding using elastic bands. By using the elastic bands it helps stretch your strands as they dry helping to elongate your hair. You will need to do section by section. You can also search the banding method on youtube I’m sure some of your favorite natural hair youtubers may already have a tutorial on how to do the banding method! Hope this help and best of luck on your natural hair journey.

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