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How to Achieve Moisturized Curls With Only 3 Products!

How to Achieve Moisturized Curls With Only 3 Products!

How to achieve moisturized curls with only 3 products

Are you ready to achieve moisturized curls with only 3 products? We’re talking about going from kinky Afro to juicy curls Sis! Have you spent hours binge-watching tutorials on YouTube? (Raise both hands in the air) I mean seriously taking notes hyping yourself up like you got this Sis.  Like this is our next hairstyle. Natural’s I’ve been prepping myself for my first Wash N Go for years (lol). Hopefully one day I’ll stop being lazy and finally do it. So one of my Insta Sis (S/O to @Qourtknee) put me onto this beauty I’m sharing with you all today.

How to achieve moisturized curls with only 3 products

I watched the tutorial and let me tell you, naturals. This is one of the MOST detailed tutorials I’ve seen in a while.  This tutorial is perfect for those of you still struggling to define your curl pattern.  There are some naturals whose hair pattern can’t be manipulated no matter what products is used. And that’s fine as long as you are embracing your hair for what it is Sis you are golden. That’s what makes each and every one of our journey unique and beautiful. I also want you to know just because your hair may not be able to curl up like certain hair patterns it does not mean your hair should look dry (not moisturized). NO, Sis, your hair should and can be moisturized as well. Take a look at this amazing tutorial and get some tips on how to moisturize your hair while you’re at it. I also listed the products used below the video and go support and subscribe to this beauty’s channel.


YouTube: Hollywood4yu

Instagram: Hollywood4yu

Products Used:

1) Shea Moisture – Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength and Restore leave-in conditioner

2) Shea Moisture – Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

3) Eco Gel – Moroccan Argan Oil styling gel

4) Water, olive oil, and Jamaican black castor oil- Water bottle

5) Ebin 24 hr edge tamer- Edge Control


Do you have any questions? Did you find this tutorial helpful? Drop a comment below and let’s chat Sis!

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