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How to Care for High Porosity Hair

How to Care for High Porosity Hair

Do your coils absorb moisture and fail to retain it? Does it look dull, dry and tends to be frizzy sometimes? Maybe, it tangles easily during wash day. Chances are you have high porosity hair. Don’t panic there are a ton of products you can use to care for your hair. It’s important to know your hair porosity and develop a hair regimen to care for your hair. I have high porosity hair and I’m not sure if it’s because of the hair dye I currently have in my hair. It’s my theory LOL. But I’m in the process of growing out the color and on my next trim, I plan to chop off the remainder of the dye. Then I’ll do another test to determine if I truly have high porosity hair.

High Porosity hair

Nevertheless, I have developed a hair regimen to care for my high porosity hair (I will share in the next blog post so stay tuned). I have also found some products that work well for high porosity hair. So keep reading! When my hair is not in a protective style like braids, weave, or wigs. I try to wash my hair at least once a week (when I’m not being lazy LOL), so on a monthly basis, I do 3-4 deep conditions and one protein treatment. My favorite protective style is wigs. Because it allows me to wash my hair once a week and braid it back up.

What you need to know about high porosity hair

If you have high porosity hair, Sis, you and protein treatments need to become BFFs. Protein treatments help strengthen your cuticle by making it more elastic and allow your hair to retain moisture. I highly recommend you incorporate a monthly protein treatment into your hair regimen. I need you to understand high porous hair has holes up and down the shaft and protein fills those holes temporarily. It’s almost like a temporary fix until the next one is done. So you have to care for those shafts with protein treatments. Please do not use protein as a moisturizer to replace your deep conditioner. They both go hand in hand, so do not, I REPEAT do not skip out on deep conditioning your hair. As I stated previously, I deep condition 3-4 times a month and I do at least one protein treatment.

Deep Conditioners for high porosity hair

Shea Moisture  – Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

Shea Moisture – Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Masque

Mielle Organics – Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner (Protein)

Aphogee  – Aphogee 2 Step Reconstructor

I’ve tried the first three deep conditioners except for the Aphogee. But I’ve heard great reviews about it and I plan to purchase it. I will definitely do a product review once I try it out. My two favorites are the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner by Mielle Organics. I absolutely LOVE the minty smell from the Mielle Organics conditioner. It leaves my scalp feeling fresh and clean. I also like the tingling from the mint penetrating my scalp when I’m under the dryer. I like the liquid texture of it, it helps with the detangling process especially for high porosity hair. I hope this helps and stay tuned for my hair regimen for high porosity hair.

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High porosity hair

Did you read this article out of curiosity but unsure about your hair porosity? There are a few methods to determine what hair porosity you have. This is the method I used. It was simple and fast.

Try the Porosity Test

Take a strand of your hair and drop it into a glass of water or bowl. Pay attention to the movement of the strand for a minimum of two minutes. If it remains floating after two minutes you may have low porosity hair. If your hair floats midway to the glass or bowl, then you have normal porosity hair. But if it sinks to the bottom of the glass immediately, then you have high porosity hair.


What hair porosity are you? What product do you use to care for the health of your hair?

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  • Great thing I found this blog because I’m high porosity as well. My routine to treat my high porosity coarse hair is for one when i put any products in my hair i have to hurry in brush it in and rag up before my hair drinks all of the butters, oils, or moisturizer i put in it. High Porosity Hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle layer, which allow moisture to pass quickly in and out. For us coarse hair wavers it can lead to frizz and tangling in humid weather, and extreme dryness in dry weather. Its pros and cons about being high porosity. Multiple cons are that we need to be careful with activities like swimming or bathing that involve a lot of moisture getting into our hair, since this can cause breakage. raw shea butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, palm oil these Anti-humectants are products that can help especially when it’s humid, will seal our cuticles and prevent them from absorbing too much moisture. Leave-in conditioners and moisturizers, will provide my hair with moisture through the day, but a sealer such as the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum will retain moisture and prevent dryness. My pros for my high porosity coarse hair is that i jus love it lol, i love how it looks on a fresh cut and on a wolf i jus love something about coarse hair. Everyday all of my wave friends ask me if my hair texture changes from coarse to medium will I be happy cuz my hair will be healthy I said no my hair is healthy regardless if my hair texture changes, I will doing anything I can from Google searching or jus asking people on how can I get my coarse hair back this texture jus fits me regardless of the all the work we have to put into keeping it healthy and mosterizer imma keep my coarse hair for years till I die that’s jus my mindset of the situation but I took up a good amount of your time lol thx for listening have a amazing day: my Instagram is @cgtown12

    • Thank you reading and participating. You sound like you have done your research concerning high porosity hair. As long as you remain consistent with a good hair routine you’ll begin to see great results. One of the reasons I pre-poo it helps reduce frizz. I use to have major frizz before I started this hair regimen I shared. However, after two months of following this regimen for high porosity hair, it has reduced the amount of frizz. My twist out can go 5-7 days without frizzing upX you should also try hot oil treatments.

      • Np yes I’m very into waves so I be wanting to make sure I’m doing it right so I do all the research I can on waves

  • Thanks for this article. This is the only article that I’ve read that has described a step by step method for dealing with high porosity hair . It’s a struggle but I LOVE the healthyness of my hair without chemicals.

    • Thanks i’m Glad you found this article helpful. Definitely keep visiting our blog, I plan to post more about highly porou hair in the future. The more I learn about my hair, the more I plan to share with you guys dealing with high porosity hair.

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