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How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage? I think naturals all around the world are still trying to figure this out! Pre-Poo might be foreign to many in the natural hair community especially when it adds an extra step to your regimen. Many don’t find it as helpful or understand the importance of pre-poo and why it should be incorporated into their hair regimen. Maybe you’re one of those naturals whose hair is perfect and detangling is super easy for you on wash day. If so, then this post may not be for you and I still love you, Sis. However, I’m here today to preach to those still struggling with tangles and breakage! For those who have dry, brittle hair or healthy hair but experience a ton of breakage on wash day.

This post is for you Sis. About a year ago, after feeling frustrated and ready to give on my natural hair. I researched “how to deal with High Porosity hair.” I learned high porosity hair is easy to get tangled. I came across the method of pre-pooing and I decided to incorporate pre-poo into my hair regimen and it has done wonders for my hair. One of the main reasons I started pre-poo was to minimize the tangles and breakage I was experiencing on wash day. For those of you with high porosity hair, it’s super easy for our hair strand to get caught on to each other.  Our cuticles are raised so it makes it easy for the hair to get tangled.

As someone with highly porous hair, this is how I deal with tangles. Even if you don’t have high porosity hair but experiencing breakage and tangles. Keep reading this article and the video is for you.

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage

Today I’m sharing my FIRST EVER tutorial down below naturals. I plan to do more tutorials on KHR. Be sure to subscribe to the blog below so you can get alerts when I post. I want to share more of my personal journey with you all. Find my articles/tutorials under “Hair Care,” subcategory “My Hair Journey.” Let’s get started!


It is a treatment you can apply to your hair prior to adding shampoo or conditioner. Pre-pooing your hair before a wash helps to detangle your hair. It also helps to avoid losing excess hair during the washing of your hair. You can apply it before the shampoo stage. It’s an extra step in one’s natural hair care regimen to protect your hair against the harsh stripping of the hair in the shampoo stage. It decreases the risk of dryness after shampooing your hair. So if you also suffer from dry hair you may want to look into Pre-poo. Try using your favorite carrier oil and mix it with essential oil to pre-poo.


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There are many oils you can use as a pre-poo: olive oil, coconut oil, Avocado oil, shea butter, castor oil, etc. You can apply the oil to your hair for 30 mins to an hour before shampooing. Some naturals pre-poo the night before wash day and leave the oil overnight. I’ve done both but I’ve found leaving the oil/pre-poo in overnight more effective. You can also pre-poo with a conditioner which is what I’m using today as my pre-poo. I rotate between using oils and conditioners to pre-poo with. Since I started pre-pooing last year, I’ve found prep-pooing has helped to eliminate breakage, frizz and dry hair. Using oils in between as a pre-poo has helped to eliminate frizzy dry hair. I use this method consistently (once a week) and I get great results.


I hope you enjoyed this video, I’ll try to post at least once a week. You can subscribe to our mailing list here What are your thoughts on pre-poo is this something you’ll be trying or have you use ever pre-poo? What questions do you have on pre-poo?. Let’s chat! Drop your comment below and I’ll answer them.

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage
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