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Natural Hair 101 Series: How to Trim Your Own Ends

Natural Hair 101 Series: How to Trim Your Own Ends

Naturals, in continuation of our Natural Hair 101 Series, in today’s post we’re tackling how to trim your ends. If you missed Wash Day Routine be sure to check it out here. I know we all want LONG hair and at times we tend to hold on to those ends for some extra length. But let me be the first to say, girl “LET IT GO.” Shoot, I need my ends trimmed BAD right now. So in this post, I will be showing you how I trim my ends (video below).

My normal routine has always been to get my hair professionally trimmed about once every six months along with a blowout. This allows for an even trim on my hair while it is straightened. My last trim was on February 20th. I planned to wait until I went back home to South Carolina to continue this routine, but with school, I have no clue when I’ll be able to go back home and my dead ends need to go right NOW! So I decided to trim my ends. A lot of naturals trim their ends regularly, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve never done a full trim myself. I’ve only dusted my ends before. Dusting is cutting off a very small portion of your ends. This is normally done while the hair is in twists. This allows you to see your dead ends which are normally less curly when twisted.


There are a few things you need to keep in mind!
• Use hair shears. Do NOT use regular scissors to cut your hair. This increases the chance of creating more split ends. The shears I purchased (shown below) were only $12 from Sally Beauty.
• If you are trimming your ends on stretched hair be sure to use minimal heat! You wouldn’t want to cause more damage when attempting to trim your ends by frying your hair. I placed my hair in two flat twists for a few days, then used the tension method to fully stretch my hair.
• Yes, it may seem like a scary process, I know I was nervous ‘AF’ before making my first snip. But the process was super easy, and you don’t have to be a natural hair expert to get great results.

How to Trim Your Own Ends


• Maintaining your ends helps to retain length. Damaged ends tangle and are more likely to break off. So don’t avoid trimming because “you want to keep your length” NO MA’AM LET THE HURT AND DEAD ENDS GO!
• Maybe you’re going through a phase where you feel like your twist out and other curly styles just aren’t as popping as they used to be, your damaged ends may be to blame. I’ve noticed that my curls are more defined now that my ends are trimmed.

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I say both! I will be going back to the salon when I go back home but in between visits I will not hesitate to trim my ends! I know a lot of natural salon visits are a thing of the past, but I honestly really enjoy the experience. Imagine wash day without your arms being tired after washing your hair, sounds like heaven to me! Now the decision is yours!

Do you trim your ends or do you leave it to the professionals?

Until next time, Stay Kinky
-My Kinky Roots

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