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Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 4

Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 4

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Naturals we’re back for part 4 of the “Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series,” featuring Tishona. For us reading each influencer’s journey and tips are so inspiring. They have all been asked the same questions and their answers are similar and different in many ways. It goes to show how UNIQUE this natural hair journey is. We all have our personal reasons for going natural and we believe that’s what makes this natural hair journey so beautiful. This journey is a personal journey of learning to love and embrace your hair. No one can teach you how to love your hair or yourself.

We can educate you as much as we can, however, the most important part of this journey is truly learning to love your hair. When you love your hair you’ll make better choices for it. Even on days when you feel lazy or feel like quitting. You’ll remember that love and it will encourage you to keep taking care of your hair. This journey is like being in a relationship with a significant other. When you’re in a relationship and you love that person, you do whatever it takes to make them happy. You find time to spend with that person. We want when you look at your hair to think of it as your significant other. Because you are building a relationship with your hair. You are getting to know what your hair likes and dislikes.

Meet Tishona:

natural hair care regimen

Hair Type: Mixture of 3C/4A hair

Hair Porosity: High

I decided to go natural because although my relaxed hair was pretty long, I felt that the health of my hair was not at its full potential. I was inspired by the natural hair movement that was beginning to take off and wanted to embrace my natural curls.

What was your biggest struggle when you first started?

While I was transitioning it was difficult to deal with the two textures and my hair was hard to detangle especially at the line of demarcation. After I chopped my relaxed ends off, my biggest struggle was trying to adjust to the length of my hair.

Did you transition or big chop immediately? 

I began transitioning in February of 2015 and chopped in March of 2016. For transitioning hair, my top two tips are to deep condition weekly and to do styles that blend the two textures like braid outs, twist outs, and rod sets.

What are your go-to products right now and why do you use them? 

For deep conditioning, I use TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. This mask moisturizes my hair and softens my hair. Because I use gel for my wash and go’s and gels tend to leave my hair feeling hard, I like to proceed with a good deep conditioning treatment and this mask does this for me. Another go-to product of mine is JBCO ( Jamaican Black Castor Oil). This oil softens my hair and promotes growth and I have noticed a tremendous difference in the health of my hair since I have been using the oil. It is great for sealing in moisture. Another staple product of mine is Eco Gold. It is a moisturizing gel, gives me a great definition for my 3c/4a hair. I like my styles to last at least a week and this gel gives my hair great hold. It also has healthy oils in it such as olive oil and black castor oil. I have also just started using Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly. This gel is a healthier alternative and it provides a medium hold with a moisturizing feel.

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What have you learned about your hair thus far?

My hair thrives the most when I don’t manipulate it much. Wash and go’s and twist outs allow me to do my hair once a week and not have to manipulate my hair (other than to refresh) for the rest of the week.

What advice would you give to someone with the same hair type or porosity? What should they know about that hair type and texture?

High porosity hair absorbs moisture very quickly, so it is best to apply products to the hair while it is soaking wet. For example, apply a leave-in conditioner immediately after rinsing the deep conditioner out. When styling hair, reapply water throughout the process. If you have a 3c/4a texture light creams and gels may not define your curls that well, so it is best to use heavier gels and butters.

Weekly Hair Regimen

  • To start off with my hair regimen, I either pre-poo the night before with Jamaican Black Castor Oil being sure to massage my scalp with the oil, or I will pre-poo in the shower with Tresemme Curl Hydration Conditioner.
  • I alternate between washing and co-washing weekly, so one week I will co-wash with Eden BodyWorks All Natural Cleansing Co-wash and the next week I will wash my hair with Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo.
  • Next, I deep condition my hair for at least 45 minutes using TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. If I don’t have that much time to deep condition I will deep condition with  Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle (Moist) while in the shower.
  •  I deep condition weekly.  Next, I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner while my hair is still wet in the shower and put a cotton t-shirt over my head.
  • Then I will either style my hair with Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Eco Style Gel (Gold). I don’t use the LOC or LCO method when styling because I do not seal my hair with oil while styling.
  • I only use a leave-in and styler. I preserve my hair at night with 4-5 pineapples and I sleep with a satin bonnet. Throughout the week I refresh my curls with water and leave-in conditioner.

Check out Tishona on Instagram @tishonakeyanna and subscribe to her channel on YouTube: Tishona Keyanna If you don’t know what your hair texture is.  I recommend taking the texture quiz over at  If you don’t know what your hair porosity is I recommend taking the test as well. You can do it with a glass of water at home. You can find more details about the test in my hair regimen for high porosity hair.

Naturals, tune in Friday for Part 5!
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