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Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 13

Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 13

My name is Amber, I’ve always liked curly hair. I was given a relaxer at a young age for ease. My hair was so long and thick, it made managing my hair easier for my mother. In my teenage years, I was never the type to keep up with biweekly appointments at the Dominican salon. I got my hair done pretty infrequently and mostly went when I needed a trim or wanted something new — bangs. When I went to college I decided that I was going to start washing and straightening my hair weekly. Aside from being in a new state with very harsh water that was detrimental to my scalp, my hair began breaking and thinning. I went into college with full thick hair that was way past my shoulders and ended my first semester with thin hair of a much lower density, that was struggling to sit at my shoulders.

For the next 2-3 years, I claimed to be natural. I constantly wore my hair in curly buns and only straightened for special occasions. When I wanted to wear my hair out, I would do what I thought was a braid out ha! During my senior year of college, I began using more curly girl friendly products and decided to be patient with my hair while still continuing to cut inches here and there. One of my biggest struggles, in the beginning, was being consistent and having the patience to see results.

Natural Hair Care Regimen

Hair Type: 3C-4A

Hair Porosity: Low




Did you transition or big chop immediately? 

I transitioned while cutting my hair frequently. I think you should still trim your hair if you are transitioning. I also think that straightening for special occasions is not a good idea — it diminishes progress you have made

What are your go-to products right now and why do you use them? 

I am in love with the Mielle Organics curling custard. It provides me with amazing hold which has been helpful for these hot summer days. My go-to shampoo is the Shea Moisture’s Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein Free Shampoo. I have been using this shampoo since I discovered I have low porosity hair and it really keeps my scalp clean and healthy.

One of my favorite brands for hair masks is Maui Moisture. I also really liked Shea Moisture’s weightless hair masque.

What have you learned about your hair thus far?

Different application methods work for different styles. My hair also likes consistency; using certain products for a while as opposed to a new one every week works nicely for me.

What advice would you give to someone with the same hair type or porosity? 

Adding heat to your deep conditioning routine is very helpful! Don’t overload with protein.

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Weekly hair regimen

I wash my hair with shampoo and deep condition once a week (for the most part). I tried co-washing and it’s not for me. My hair can last for a week and shampooing is better to get rid of build-up and residue.

I wash my hair in 4 sections with Shea Moisture’s Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein Free Shampoo. Last month I deep conditioned with Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep conditioner. This month I am using Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask. When I deep condition, I apply heat using my bonnet dryer for 20 minutes. If I have a lot of things to do (such as cleaning), I will wrap my hair in a plastic bag and tie a scarf around it to generate heat so that I deep condition while I clean. When I do this, my deep conditioner/mask sits in my hair for about an hour.

I always apply a leave-in because it helps with moisture and detailing (the brand varies). If I am doing a wash and go, I apply a leave-in and then a gel — such as Mielle Organics curling custard. If I am doing a twist out or braid out, I apply a cream or butter with good hold, or a soft gel-like the Camille Rose curl maker. When my hair is dry, I apply oil, even if a cast does not need to be broken.

I stopped pre-pooing because it adds too much time to my wash day and it does not make a huge difference for me when detangling.

Naturals, thank you all so much for your continuous support! We truly hope you found this blog series informative.  You can continue to follow her natural hair journey on Instagram Amber.Curls. If you don’t know what your hair texture is.  I recommend taking the texture quiz over at  If you don’t know what your hair porosity is I recommend taking the test as well. You can do it with a glass of water at home. You can find more details about the test in my hair regimen for the high porosity hair.

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