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Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 5

Natural Hair Care Regimen Blog Series Part 5

natural hair care regimen

We can’t believe we have successfully launched our first blog series (eek). We just wanted to say thank you to the four ladies who have paved the way thus far. If you have NOT read part 1-4 we’re going to give you a chance to read it before you continue. So much information regarding low and high porosity hair for type 4 and 3 hair. If you have not been following this series, you have to check it out. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, click each picture to read part 1-4.

 natural hair care regimennatural hair care regimennatural hair care regimen

Hope you all continue to follow this series and share it with others. Without further ado meet Moxie a Natural Hair Influencer with low porosity and type 4 hair.

natural hair care regimen

Hair Type: Some people have told me my hair type is 4A and some have said 4b and others 3C. Personally, blown out I think it’s 4A mixed with a little bit of 3c but you can’t really see it because I recently dyed my hair and I have a little bit of color damage.

Hair Porosity: Low

I’m actually one of the few people who has been natural my whole life. When I was younger I used to go to the Dominican hair salons to get my hair blown out and flat iron which of course caused severe heat damage to my hair. By the time I turned 17, I was tired of flat ironing my hair so I decided to start all over and cut off the heat damage. I transitioned and then I big chopped. I was looking like a boy. I didn’t know how to do many styles. I would always see people with long natural hair wearing different styles and I couldn’t do them so that’s when I started wearing wigs and braiding my hair. I eventually got over that phase in my life. Two things I’ve learned while being natural is you have to be confident and rock your hair it doesn’t matter if you’re still transitioning or trying to figure everything out.  If you’re transitioning and doing braid outs or twist outs make sure you always use perm rods at the end of your hair so it will curl your ends.

What are your go-to products right now and why do you use them? 

I am currently using my fluffy puffs (small brand) twist frosting hair pudding which has biotin in it. Biotin is really good for your hair because it helps make it stronger and it also helps hair growth. I’m also using the Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey leave in it keeps my hair very moisturized. Also, I co-wash my hair a week before wash day (preferably a Thursday ). To co-wash I use the ASIAM coconut co-wash.For my regular wash day, I use Shea Moisture raw Shea butter shampoo and the AUSSI conditioner(makes detangling really easy).

What have you learned about your hair thus far?

I have learned to have patience with my hair. Taking your time doing your hair is very important and that’s what will make you see the beauty of it. I also learned that my hair needs a lot of moisture that goes to those with low porosity hair.

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What advice would you give to someone with the same hair type or porosity and what should they know about that hair type and texture?

If you have low porosity hair, you have to moisturize your hair every day. Your hair needs a lot of moisture regular deep conditioning will do the job! I use the ORS Hair Mayonnaise when I deep condition and you should do that every week or every 2 weeks depending on the needs of your hair.

Check out Moxie on Instagram @moxieshair_ If you don’t know what your hair texture is.  I recommend taking the texture quiz over at  If you don’t know what your hair porosity is I recommend taking the test as well. You can do it with a glass of water at home. You can find more details about the test in my hair regimen for high porosity hair.

Tune next week for Part 6,7 and 8. Let us know what you think about this blog series so far. Do you find it helpful? We’d love to hear what feedback you have for us to better cater to what content to continue to provide to you all!

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