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Natural Hair Care Series Episode 2

Natural Hair Care Series Episode 2

Natural Hair Care

Welcome back to episode 2 of the Natural Hair Care Series! If you’re just joining us wondering what’s going on here. We started our 2 annual Natural Hair Care Series on KHR. Last year we did this series in the form of a blog post. But this year we decided to remix it and air mini-episodes on our IGTV and website. I started this series to share a variety of hair care tips with our audience. We always get DMs on IG asking what products the ladies we feature are using. What are they doing to make their hair grow? So I figured let’s go to the source and find out. I also believe we can all learn from each other.

We reached out to a few of these ladies and they are sharing everything with you from hair porosity, go-to products and tips for those of you who are transitioning. We created this series to provide informative information to you from those who have seen results.

Natural Hair Care

Even if you are newly natural and trying to figure out the right products to use. This Natural Hair Care series is perfect for you to hear from someone who already walked through those hurdles. We decided to have the Influencers do what they do best and record themselves answering these questions.

So let’s get into Episode 2 featuring Nike who has low porosity hair.

You can follow Nike on Instagram @CallMeNikes

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This natural hair journey is exactly that a journey. I want you to understand how you care for your hair will determine the growth you experience on this journey. Let’s be honest we ALL want long hair. We get it, but you must first change your way of thinking. We always stress to you guys to focus on the overall health of your hair. HEALTHY HAIR GROWS. Now that we have gotten this out of the way, a good hair care regimen will cause your hair to grow like a wildfire.

Hope you enjoyed episode 2 tell us what you thought of episode 2 in the comments below and tune in next Monday for Episode 3! Check out last week’s episode 1 here featuring Charity. You can also check out last year’s 13 part series here.


Natural Hair Care Series Episode 2
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