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Natural Hair Regimen Blog Series Part 12

Natural Hair Regimen Blog Series Part 12

natural hair care regimen

My name is Shea, I guess you could say going Natural was sort of an accident for me. I was always the person that would go sixteen or more weeks before relaxing. I waited a little longer than usual and my hairstylist informed me that I no longer had any relaxer left. After that, I just went with it and never looked back. It’s been almost seven years now.

My biggest struggle was finding what products would work best for my hair. There is so much to choose from and it can be hard to know where to begin. I could stand in the hair aisle forever trying to figure out what sounds like the best fit. Then figuring out how to create a good regimen with the products. Once I figured out what my hair likes shopping for products became so much easier.

Natural Hair Care Regimen


Hair Type: Hair typing has never been something I was really into.  Mainly because most charts I’ve seen seem to be so different.  It can be confusing. If I have to categorize my hair I would say I have 4a/4b curls. I do have an area that would probably be 3c.

Hair Porosity: Low Porosity

Did you transition or big chop immediately? 

I transitioned. If transitioning is something you’re considering, the first thing is to put a stop to all heat.  Heat is a huge factor in damaged ends and breakage. The flat iron, the curling iron, the blow dryer…Just say no!

Be sure to get regular trims. Gradually trimming your damaged ends or permed ends can make a world of difference. The second and most important thing is to BE PATIENT. Find your go-to style. Twist and perm rods or Flexi rods sets are great transitioning styles. It makes it a lot easier to manage the two textures. It also aids in training your curl pattern.

What are your go-to products right now and why do you use them?

My go-to products right now are Righteous Roots Hair Rx and Naturally United Curls Cake Batter. I use the oil to massage my scalp 3x’s a week. This helps to stimulate blood flow and promotes hair growth. This particular brand is packed with essential oils that my hair loves. Since my hair texture is prone to frizz it’s also a great anti-frizz agent.

The Cake Batter leave-in is a new favorite of mine. I use it on wash day and as a refresher to wake up an old wash and go. It melts right into my curls. I usually only need to spritz my hair with water each day and this product wakes right up. It works great alone but it also blends well and supplies moisture to my curls before applying styling gels.

What have you learned about your hair thus far?

I have learned that I can get my curls to respond well to pretty much any product. It’s all about how I apply it and what method I use. My hair absorbs product better when applied to towel-dried or really damp hair.  Using the shingling method usually works best for me (There are many great YouTube videos on this method).

What advice would you give to someone with the same hair type or porosity? 

4a/4b texture is usually prone to dryness which leads to damage and breakage.  The key is to keep your curls moisturized.  Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Deep condition at least once a week. This helps to replenish the moisture in your curls and give them life. In some cases, daily moisture may be needed. You can incorporate oils or butters into your daily regimen to lock in the moisture.

Natural Hair Care Regimen

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My Weekly Regimen

I begin by using Hair Rx oil and Aussie moist conditioner as a pre-poo. Sometimes I apply my thermal heat cap for 30 minutes, but I usually put it into twist or a bun and go on about my day. This could be for several hours.

After rinsing out the pre-poo I cleanse with shampoo. I am a product junkie so which shampoo I use varies. Uncle Funky’s Daughter moisturizing cleanse (Rich and Funky) is one I can always depend on. I wash my hair and scalp once a week, sometimes a few days over. Although I have tried co-washing, I find that my hair responds better to freshly washed hair.

I follow the shampoo up with Uncle Funky’s Daughter moisturizing conditioner (Richee Rich). This product also varies due to product junkism.  I leave this on for 3-5 minutes.

Then I deep condition 30-45 minutes with a thermal heat cap. I apply the conditioner in 4 sections and put them into loose twist. If I’m not using an entire line I have two go-to deep conditioners: Mielle Babassu Oil Mint and Product Junkie Naturals Rosemary-Matcha Green Tea.

Once my hair is rinsed I use the LCO method or LCGO(g is for gel) some may say. I start with my leave-in of choice. As of late, The Cake Batter I mentioned earlier is my go-to. Any leave in with slip is what my hair likes. I part my hair into 4 sections then break each section into smaller sections and apply. Then I add a moisturizing cream. Kiss my curls by Product Junkie Naturals normally. Next,  I add gel, Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic, Camille Rose Curl Maker or Mielle Curling Custard always gives me great definition. I apply it in a smoothing manner or the shingling method. Then, I apply oil or butter also in a smoothing manner. This can be from Jamaican Mango & lime oil to the Crown of Glory Butter for sealing.

My regimen or LCO method can change depending on what leave-in or product line I’m using. With some products, I may not need creams or sometimes I may not need gels.

Naturals, I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new from Shea’s regimen. We hope you found this informative.  You can continue to follow Shea’s natural hair journey on Instagram @Fabulouslycurly . If you don’t know what your hair texture is.  I recommend taking the texture quiz over at  If you don’t know what your hair porosity is I recommend taking the test. You can do it with a glass of water at home. You can find more details about the test in my hair regimen for the high porosity hair.

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