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Wash N Go Using Cantu Products

Wash N Go Using Cantu Products

Wash N Go using Cantu Products
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Ok ladies, so I’ve been hearing a lot of negativity surrounding Cantu products lately. Negativity about the ingredients and the fact that some people have found them to be very drying for your hair. Before creating my natural hair Instagram page Cantu was my holy grail… mainly because of the neutral smell and the reasonable price, but also because their products are available quite easily in the UK.

CANTU was the only brand that I dared to use for twist outs, braid outs, twists you name it…. and I can’t say it did my hair any harm.


But since creating my hair page I have been experimenting more with a variety of products and styles. I have desperately been trying to master my wash and go. Due to this, I haven’t used Cantu Products in about 6 months. Today was wash day and I had some Cantu in the back of my product draw and I decided to give it a go one last time. Now don’t get me wrong, while experimenting I came across products that left my hair feeling much softer and healthy. Healthier than I ever remembered Cantu doing but now with my new regimen and WEEKLY DEEP CONDITIONING. Let’s just say Cantu might actually return as my holy grail. So, I tested two products the Coconut Curling Cream and the Define and Shine Custard.

First of all the products look and feel: the Curling Cream is quite thick (I prefer thick products) so this is good, it is very white which means with my HIGH POROUS hair there will be a white residue until it has dried. The Define and Shine Custard are quite sticky, it’s similar to a home-made flaxseed gel. I prefer gels and custards and finishing products to have this ‘watery’ consistency as I’ve found them to mix well with other products.

Wash N Go using Cantu Products


After washing and deep conditioning my highly porous hair, I sectioned into 8 Bantu knots. Starting from the back I took out a section and applied the Coconut Curling Cream. I worked on damp rather than dripping wet hair because although definition is important to me. I prefer to know my hair is going to dry within 4/5 hours. When styling wet hair it can literally take days for my THICK hair to fully dry. The first thing I noticed when applying the product was the thickness of the cream and the slip that it gave my hair. Working it through from tip to root I was able to finger detangle with ease. So far so good…

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Immediately after applying the cream, I followed up with some coconut oil (I always do this before applying a gel/custard as I find it reduces the crunch). Then, I generously applied Define and Shine Custard, before applying I emulsified this in the palm of my hands to ensure I could easily smooth it down the lengths of my hair. Then, I put that section back into a Bantu knot to keep it out of the way and continued through the remaining sections. Instantly, I noticed that there was a white residue left on my hair, this is usually the case with HIGH POROSITY hair. But I know that it will disappear when my hair dries. Then I unraveled the Bantu knots and left my hair to air dry.


After 4 hours my hair was completely dry. Now, I still love the smell of this product and the bounce that it gives my hair is great. But, I feel there could have been more definition. Some of the other products I’ve tried recently have given me less frizz. My hair has dried extremely curly and soft and fluffy, it doesn’t feel weighed down. It feels and looks different from how it used to look on my hair possibly due to my new regimen. My hair doesn’t currently feel dried out and I’m eager to try this product for my mid-week refresher to see if holds up against some of the other products that I’ve been trying.

Stay tuned Naturals!

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